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Get Creative : Workshop that Ignites

“Power is not defined by how much control you have over others, but how much control you have over your Self”

There is no denying that successful people have certain common traits which distinguish them from anyone else. More than doing different things, they do things differently. What makes people star performers? What makes the great stand apart from the average? The fact of the matter is we all are born with potential for greatness. However, a select few turn out to be superior performers. External greatness is derived from internal source. Just by elevating your mind, you can scale extraordinary heights.


There are stages in the process of Ideation. Your brain can be controlled and channelised, once you have control over self….


With the above background, Digital India Club is organizing a recurring one day Workshop on “Get Creative on Third Sunday of each month 2017 from 0930 hrs (Registration) to 1700 hrs at Kaushal Vikas Kendra, VaranasiWorkshop will focus on above mentioned in great detail over 4 sessions. The links and resources shall be shared after payment of registration fees*.


Mr Gaurav Bajpai is the Faculty for the workshop. He is the Founder, gearBoB PR and is also known as Spin Doctor in his marketing and PR circles. Being a serial entrepreneur he has tons of relevant knowledge to pass on to budding entrepreneurs.


·         Having over 20 years of experience, Mr Bajpai has interacted with over 1 million participants in over 5000 workshops. In India he is regular visiting faculty to ICAI and NIESBUD and other learning centers of high repute.
·         Conducted over 50,000 hours of active learning sessions that are available for virtual viewing over phones and laptops. His on-demand researches are available for free viewing at gauravbajpai.com
·         MBA in Marketing and Bachelor in Computing, Mr Bajpai was sponsored by Dell for a training course in Lean Management. He is also a Dell Certified Master Trainer.


Mr Bajpai brings a unique blend of pure Indian ways of success. He uses a combination of techniques that ensure effective learning and unlearning takes place to create transformation during the short duration of the workshop. As per his attendees, this workshop is a journey that takes the participants from theory to practice. He is known to infect his participants with intense beliefs and desire to succeed.

Electrifying, intensely involved, down to earth, amazingly humorous, extremely driven, passionately connected, highly effective are some of the adjectives participants have used to describe him. 

The Methodology employed is a combination of the following:

·         Adult Learning way of learning

·         Thought provoking Lectures aided by amazing visual presentations

·         Talk on the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of the topics

·         Storytelling and Story Sharing

·         Relevant Video Clips

·         Sensitisation and understanding

·         Sharing of experiences

REGISTRATION FEE (Per Participant)

Digital India Club Member : INR 3,000/-
Digital India Club Non-Member : INR 3,500/-

*Participation fee is inclusive of GST